Saturday, 23 October 2010

Forward by Penny Power

My new book 'The Future of Body Language' is on & and its not even published until Feb 11 so it looks like you need to order your copy quickly.... The Future of Body Language, takes you on a journey of how to get the best from new media, such as Skype, Podcasts and Video Conferencing. It shows you how you can prepare yourself for these new technologies by using simple exercises that will aid you to a more professional approach and appearance when interacting. We all know that it is human beings that make the trades, do the deals and advise, so it makes sense to learn how to communicate better through new technology, to influence more.

The book has already been recognised by some as a great way to enhance their business skills. And, one of the best things, Penny Power of Ecademy has written the forward, with 500K members of her Ecademy Network she certainly knows a thing or two about business, so much so that our new government has employed her as a consultant.

I am running courses on the techniques in the book from early next year, so pls. let me know if you are interested. If you work for an organisation that it is interested in running courses or workshops on this subject, pls. let me know via the website which is specially for corporates.

Body language will need even more attention now that we are all using video camera and our digital CVs are being posted on LinkedIn. Get your copy of The Future of Body Language now.

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