Monday, 2 August 2010

R U Doing what you really want?

How many of us are really where we want to be?
Are you? What about your career, life, relationships? How often do you think about doing something else or additional to what you are doing now?

All of this resistance creates conflict within us, which you may think doesn't notice but it does. Your body holds all the burdens from this, and over time it will do something that you do not like, e.g. pain in the shoulder, twinge in the knee, or arms less flexible, and we hurt our hands, it goes on....

To help you move on from this behaviour and break through your patterns, I with a colleague am running a training workshop on the Monday 18th July in Central London.

Imagine if you were able to get more of what you want just by changing your body language. Yes by changing how your walk, how you stand, what you do with your arms, you will begin to make changes. There are guaranteed immediate movements that will reposition you in life. We mix it in with some NLP and some care and attention for each delegate. Generally we take 7 people at a time, so you get the most from the sessions.

Imagine if you could have at least one of the things you want. By changing your body language you change your situation and your mind, which has the most amazing results.

Just £100 + vat for the day, inclusive of 3 x cds on body language and a voucher for your friends pre the day.
On the day payments are £150 + vat. for a full programme and to make a booking.

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