Monday, 7 June 2010

Latest Coaching Client

Amazing! My recent coaching client has just emailed. Since her first session, she has changed 3 x unwanted habits, changed her hair style and feels good. So much so, she is asking if I used hypnosis during the session, although I can, I did not! I am so pleased for her and look forward to working with her again to see what else we can achieve.

Simple techniques that can aid you are all that is needed. You probably already have all the resources you need, but are not using them to get the best for yourself because of all sorts of reasons that even you cannot explain. Motivation, distrust, depression are a few of the reasons. I do hope that others of you will let me help you to the power and responsibility you crave for your life to be successful in all areas. 15 mins coaching evaluation sessions are available during June, July & August 2010 and any questions you have prior to that are easily answered on email or over the telephone.

Enjoy the summer.

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